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Serving the community

Serving the community

First Aid Stations


In 2003, ZAKA launched an innovative program, strategically placing emergency First Aid Stations in well-trafficked public areas around the country, including shopping malls, central bus stations and key public institutions. The contents of the station, which include first aid material and resuscitation equipment that can also be used as an immediate response in incidents of heart failure, were developed by a team of medical experts headed by Professor Avi Rifkind, Director of the Trauma Unit at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.




Accessible only to emergency personnel such as ZAKA volunteers, Magen David Adom paramedics, police and firefighters, the first aid equipment is locked in a special wall-mounted cabinet. This accessibility facilitates an even faster response time to an emergency, allowing medical personnel to immediately begin tending to the wounded, even if they are not carrying their own medical supplies.



Free Loan Services


ZAKA has established dozens of free loan branches (Gemach) around the country offering a helping hand to mourners, allowing them to get through this difficult time in an easier manner.  The service includes the loan of necessary equipment to mourners (low chairs for the mourners, benches, prayer books, urns, mattresses, Torah scrolls and mobile arks


In addition, ZAKA also offers a free loan system for medical requirements, including hundreds of wheelchairs, emergency first aid supplies for groups etc.


Both free loan services are available via the 24 hour ZAKA hotline (dial 1221 from any telephone or mobile phone within Israel).



Accident Prevention


In order to reduce the number of incidents of unnatural death caused by negligence, ignorance and carelessness, ZAKA has instituted a range of information campaigns aimed at different sectors of the public at high risk. These include traffic safety campaigns, information campaigns to reduce the risk of accidents in the home and on hikes, as well as an emergency first aid course for mothers and carers in an initiative with the Ministry of Health. Every Lag Ba'Omer, ZAKA volunteers mount a campaign to minimize the accidents and incidents of lost children during the annual pilgrimage to Mount Meron.