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Letter from the Chairman

Letter from the Chairman

Welcome to our website, which will give you a glimpse into the important, sacred work of ZAKA inIsraeland overseas, as well as regular updates on our activities.


Today, ZAKA has over 3,000 volunteers deployed throughoutIsrael, on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ZAKA is a unique volunteer organization with a unique mission - to ensure a full Jewish burial for victims of unnatural death, be it accident, terror attack or natural disaster. As we value the living, so we must show respect to the dead.  That is why our volunteers are always the last to leave the scene of a fatal incident, as they clear the area of spilled blood and human remains.


Our specialist search and rescue volunteer units work in close cooperation with the emergency services. Recognized by the Defense Ministry as an 'aid organization in times of emergency', we train with the IDF Home Front Command and we work together when the home front becomes the front line.


ZAKA is part of the consensus in Israel, taking the values of volunteerism into the wider community, building bridges and bringing together people of all religions and backgrounds. We are proud of the fact that ZAKA is ranked among Israelis as the second most esteemed organization after the IDF.


Our scriptures tell us that man is made in the divine image, every man - whatever his religion, race or creed. That is why the UN-recognized ZAKA International Rescue Unit goes to the ends of the earth - literally- to offer humanitarian assistance, from Haiti to Japan, India to Nepal.


As a voluntary organization, ZAKA’s very existence is based on the support and generosity of friends in Israel and around the world. Not everyone is equipped with the emotional strength to deal with the difficult scenes and situations that ZAKA volunteers confront every day. Not all of us have that capability. But each and every one of us has the ability to be a partner in this sacred work.


Your support and generosity will allow the blessed work of ZAKA to continue.


We turn you to you, heart to heart, and invite you to partner with ZAKA by donating much-needed equipment.


Yours sincerely



Yehuda Meshi-Zahav            

ZAKA Chairman and Founder