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Did You Know
  • Did you know that ZAKA is the only volunteer organization whose members include ultra orthodox, religious and secular Jews, as well as non-Jews, all united behind one sacred goal – to save lives and honor the dead?
  • Did you know that ZAKA's 1500 volunteers clocked up over 1,250,000 hours of volunteering in 2007?
  • Did you know that, on an average week, ZAKA deals with 35 incidents of sudden death? And about 2000 incidents annually?
  • Did you know that, during 2007, ZAKA dealt with 18,368 life saving and search and rescue incidents and 2,174 incidents of honouring the dead?
  • Did you know that ZAKA is one of only three Israeli organizations to be recognized by the United Nations as an international organization and that this was the first time the UN recognized the phrase "honoring the dead"?
  • Did you know that ZAKA operates 34 ambulances, 162 Rapid Response motorcycles, 8 rescue all-terrain vehicles, 2 rescue motorboats, and 843 First Aid emergency stations located in crowded public places around the country?
  • Did you know that the ZAKA Divers’ Unit has 150 divers on call for search and rescue operations in the open sea and lakes?
  • Did you know that ZAKA is the only organization in the world that operates a Canine Search and Rescue Unit that has the ability to search one square kilometer in eight minutes and to home in on human body heat, dead or alive?
  • Did you know that ZAKA is charged with operating all temporary morgues to be set up throughout Israel in times of emergency, locating and identifying the bodies and bringing them to a proper Jewish burial. 
  • Did you know that, during the 32 days of the Second Lebanon War, ZAKA dealt with 51 victims killed on the home front and hundreds of wounded?
  • Did you know that, as one of the lessons learnt from the Second Lebanon War, ZAKA, in conjunction with the Home Front, established volunteer units in every Israeli town? These volunteer units will serve under the IDF in times of emergency for the benefit of the residents.
  • Did you know that, for the first time, ZAKA received a war citation as a civilian organization for its work during the Second Lebanon War?
  • Did you know that even the President of Germany, Dr. Horst Köhler, is a ZAKA volunteer? During a visit to Israel and at his request, the President met with ZAKA leaders and expressed a wish to volunteer. In a ceremony held in his honor, he was presented with a certificate of volunteering, a yellow ZAKA vest and a volunteer’s kit.
  • Did you know that ZAKA is almost entirely dependent on the good auspices of private individuals and donors to continue in its sacred work?
• 23-Nov-15 ZAKA Volunteer at site of attack on Highway 443• 23-Nov-15 ZAKA at the stabbing attack on Jaffa Road• 22-Nov-15 ZAKA volunteers at site of fatal stabbing attack at Gush Etzion junction
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