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Fatal bus crash in the West Bank

Jerusalem, Israel - November 26, 2015 4:01PM

A bus carrying IDF soldiers overturned earlier today (26/11/15) near the West Bank settlement of Rimonim near Ramallah, killing one Israeli soldier and injuring tens of passengers, several seriously.

ZAKA Jerusalem commander and veteran volunteer Benzi Oring: "This was a bullet-proof bus that overturned at the side of the road with over 30 passengers who were injured. A young woman aged about 18 was killed at the site, two others were seriously wounded and the remaining passengers were lightly injured. We arrived at the scene of the crash; a military helicopter evacuated the seriously wounded to hospital and a team of ZAKA volunteers are working to clear the site of human remains after dealing with the body of the crash victim. The cause of the accident is still under investigation."

Photos courtesy of ZAKA

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ZAKA, which is perhaps best known for its sacred, yet grisly work in collecting human remains to ensure a proper Jewish burial, is equally active in the fields of emergency response (using motorcycles equipped with first aid and fire-fighting equipment), search and rescue (including specialist canine, divers and rappelling units) and accident prevention.

ZAKA, recognized in 2005 by the United Nations as an international humanitarian organization, will send highly trained volunteers to assist in international disasters, working in conjunction with other emergency personnel. Zaka volunteers have been seen among the first responders at the Tsunami in Japan, the plane crash in Phuket, Hurricane Katrina, the Columbia space shuttle disaster, the earthquake in Haiti, and terror attacks in Turkey, Mombasa and Taba, among others.

ZAKA is the Hebrew acronym for Disaster Victim Identification. Although victim identification is their namesake, it is only one of the many services that ZAKA volunteers undertake following an incident.

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